Timber Closeboard

Closeboard fence in a strong wooden screen constructed on site, suitable for both level and sloping ground. It consists of a number of arris rails, clad with featheredge boards, and with optional gravelboard running along the bottom, all of which is fitted between mortised posts.

The quantity of arris rails used depends on the height of the fence, generally speaking 2 rais are used for fences up to 1.5m high and three rails used for fences up to 2.0m.

The posts are usually set at 3.0m intervals, longer sections are available on request and maybe used to avoid an obstruction such as a tree root, pipes, etc.

Our mortised posts that we keep in stock our standard posts for 1.8m high Closeboard fencing, if you require a different height fence to this this then we can get the relevant post mortised for you - please enquire here enquiries@bmfencing.co.uk for availablitly and cost.

We hold a good stock of closeboard components including arris rail, gravelboards and a wide range of various size featheredge boards. Furthermore we hold all of our Closeboard material in both Brown and Green colours.

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