Bradstone - Textured

It's softening effect of the fine white limestone chippings which gives Textured paving and circles that modern edge.

And you can create so many diverse looks with Textured. Combine Blue-Black with Grey. Or the Red with the Buff. Incorporate a circle. Butt joint it instead of pointing it. Whatever you do with it, it'll look amazing.

But the beauty of Textured isn't only skin deep. Practical and hard wearing, the flat even surface of this exquistite paving means it is perfect for relaxing dining al fresco - no wobbles, no spills, just a delightful ambience and a wonderful view.

ProductSize (mm)No/PackDesignPrice per piece (inc. VAT)
Textured300 x 300 x 3242Buff Only2.46
Textured600 x 300 x 3221Buff Only4.93
Textured450 x 450 x 3240Buff/Grey5.59
Textured450 x 450 x 3240Red/Blue-Black5.59
Textured600 x 600 x 3520Buff/Grey9.88
Textured600 x 600 x 3520Red/Blue-Black9.88
Textured CircleDia 240026Buff Only360.53
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