Olde English Brick Paving

Inspired by the clay bricks used in England's very first brick patios, our Olde English Brick Paving adds instant character to your garden. Enduringly stylish, the uneven texture and irregular colour faithfully reproduce the appearance of the originals

Olde Englsih Brick is a clay brick replica, available in Burnt Red, which provides a quick and easy way to cover large areas without the problem of individual brick positioning.

Basket Weave

Due to its dimensions, Basket Weave combines with any of our concrete flag paving ranges.

Soldier Edging

The Soldier Edging unit makes a great patio edge around larger paving areas when laid flush with turf.

Radius Edging

Radius Edging is designed to be used around any of our 3.46m and 3.6m diameter circles.


ProductSize (mm)No/PackColourPrice per slab (inc VAT)
Basket Weave450 x 45044Burnt Red10.36
Soldier Edging450 x 22544Burnt Red6.40
Radius Edging525 x 22526Burnt Red5.92
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